a wonderful experience

Regent Ballroom & Banquet photo collage

Expert dance instructors, 5,000 foot solid oak dance floor, and our friendly knowledgeable staff come together to create

a wonderful experience.

Whether you are looking for the premier location to dance on a Friday night or want to learn to dance from the best, let the Regent Ballroom help craft an experience that is uniquely you.

6 thoughts on “a wonderful experience

  1. Please add me to your email list. Please send me an email
    on your upcoming trip to Italy.
    Thank you,
    Betty Carney

    1. Hello Beth,

      Our classes are $125 for the semester (11-week course). Feel free to call the office with any other questions you might have!

      Thank you,
      Office Manager

  2. Please add my email address to your list so I will receive your vacation opportunities.
    Thank you,

  3. I’d eventually like to take classes with you. I’m a newbie with 3 left feet and I’ll come without a partner, but be open-minded:-) Do you have your class schedules posted online? That way when I’m ready I could chose an appropriate 11-week course. Thanks. Urbana, IL

    1. Hi Tim!
      We do post our class online and our most recent semester is barely underway if you are still interested in joining us. This upcoming week will be week 3 and it’s the last chance to come in. You can double up on classes to catch up and we assume everyone has at least 2 left feet, ha! Generally, we start the 11-weeks in January, April, and September. Feel free to call Andi at 217-359-5333 anytime between 1-5pm on weekdays.

      Hope to see you on the dance floor!

      Regent Staff

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